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Just wanted to say hi

I'm not good at introducing myself and this also feels kinda awkward, but I guess there's no other way.

So, my name is Micha? Hunik (guess Mike is the translation) and probably like most of people here I'm a freelancer/illustrator. I've been around for a while, some of you might remember me (or not) from emptees and uhm.. I had Band Job account sitting idle in my bookmarks for like forever and lately I've been feeling kinda lonely in my freelancing stuff, with no one to talk to and share opinions etc., so I decided to try my luck here.

What else can I say.. oh yeah, http://michalhunik.pl is my blog/portfolio if you'd like to see my stuff and.. I guess that's it.

Don't want to bore you guys, so I'll just cut it here. See you on the board, Cheers! :)