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Goodbye Fella!

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T-shirt artwork done for Kylesa.


  • pw! on Jul 19, 2011
    goddam dude, this is amazing. what a great band, and as much as they use Pushead, this drawing fits right in and proudly stands along side.
  • SILENCER8 on Jul 20, 2011
    Thanx dude. Yeah it's a great honor!
  • Mellon on Jul 25, 2011
    Really good design, this skull is really well done and the integration with the leaves and branches...top notch.
  • kenhensly on Aug 04, 2011
    sick details man..totally dig the shades.
  • agung maskund on Aug 14, 2011
    kenhensly said: sick details man..totally dig the shades.

  • SILENCER8 on Aug 18, 2011
    Thank you guys for the kind words. :)
  • rtldesign on Aug 25, 2011
    Love the design, love the band!
  • thiod graphics on Mar 14, 2012
    best!!!! :)
  • SILENCER8 on Oct 01, 2012
    Thanks again everyone!
  • disartdesign on Jul 22, 2013
    sick design!!!
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