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Male Bonding / Cold Pumas split 7"

Male Bonding / Cold Pumas
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First in the CMYK split 7" series on Faux Discx. Reverse board printed sleeve with black vinyl. Limited edition of 300 (actually 320 as there were some overs), hand-numbered in silver pen.

Cover is sourced from a stock photography site, typography and layout by me.



  • derekdeal on Feb 03, 2011
    man, all of these sleeves are bangin'!
  • Joey on Feb 03, 2011
    radical city
  • DanReeves on Feb 04, 2011
    dbdesign said: I wouldnt admit you got the cover image from a stock website.

    I'd prefer to give full disclosure. If an image works I'll use it.
  • WeThreeClub on Feb 04, 2011
    good call dan. your handwriting makes me weep
  • Tim on Feb 04, 2011
    really cool!
  • Bob Kawa on Feb 04, 2011
    So cool. Would probably buy this album just based on the sleeve.
  • pw! on Mar 08, 2011
    looks great, full of great decisions.

    kudos for disclosing stock image. whatever it took to make the cover, it is successful however you came to it. reinforces that listening to your gut is the only thing viewers should listen to, not fret over how sausage gets made. sometimes design is making the right decision and doing what is best for the idea. being open about that, as well as where our ideas, concepts, and images come from, is honest, humble, and crucial in our community today. i think forcing textures or whatever constitutes "work" just so we don't feel bad about how we came to a final product, or needing to hide any of this, is closed, limited, and limiting on the side of unnecessary arrogance.
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